Facilities, Space & Asset Management Policy

JUNE 25, 1999

T&PW & W&M/Budget – Your Committee, having under consideration a report outlining the framework of a comprehensive facilities, space and asset management program for the City and having reviewed the roles and responsibilities of the City Coordinator and City Engineer in the program, now recommends:

a) Establishment of the Facilities, Space and Asset Management Committee (to replace the existing Space Planning Committee established by Council action on November 12, 1992), to be established within six months, with the following responsibilities:

Recommendation of space policies and procedure for consideration by the City Council and Mayor;

Prioritization and planning for space related capital projects;

Approval of strategic facilities plans;

Approval of requests for exclusion from policies or procedures;

Approval of major departmental moves;

Resolution of facility or space management issues as appropriate;

Membership of the committee shall be as follows:

City Coordinator, — Co-Chair;

City Engineer, — Co-Chair;

Department Head — Rotating, for a term of two-years;

Department Head — Rotating, for a term of two years;

Director of Budget and Financial Planning —Standing;

Facility Manager — Staff;

Space and Asset Manager — Staff;

Municipal Building Commission and other departmental representatives will be invited to attend as appropriate;

b) That the proper City staff be directed to report on funding issues and strategies for the program, including space policies, procedures and standards, and submit them to the City Council and Mayor for approval within one year of hiring of the Space and Asset Manager and Facility Manager.

Your Committee further recommends that as a regular policy, all requests involving facilities, space and asset management issues be required to be reviewed by the Facilities, Space and Asset Management Committee before being presented to the appropriate City Council Committee(s) for further discussion and consideration.

Adopted. Yeas, 13; Nays none.

Passed June 25, 1999.

Approved June 28, 1999. S. Sayles Belton, Mayor.

Attest: M. Keefe, City Clerk.

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