E-mail Broadcast Request

Requesting a Large Audience E-mail Broadcast

Users shall refer e-mail broadcast requests to the Communications Department.

  1. E-mail to all users shall be sent to the exchange e-mail administrator. The exchange e-mail administrator is listed in the Global Address Book as "Exchange Mail Administrator." This mail box is managed by the City’s Communications Department staff. To ensure that your request is received in a timely manner, copy your e-mail to the "Communications" mailbox.
  2. The Communications Department will review general distribution e-mail requests and work with the requestor to determine appropriate content and time of distribution. The content must be appropriate for a majority of City employees.
  3. High priority or time-sensitive messages can be distributed to all users at any time during business hours. Contact the "Exchange Mail Administrator" to send a high priority message.
  4. All messages shall conform to the City's policy on appropriate use of e-mail. The use of graphics and attachments shall be kept to a minimum to reduce processing time. Consider alternatives to sending messages to all users. Check the address books for smaller groups and direct communications to the smallest target audience possible.

Roles & Responsibilities


Widespread distribution of e-mails can deplete network bandwidth. Therefore, it is best to coordinate with the Communications Department to use the City’s intranet site as a communications vehicle whenever possible.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011