Designation of Leave

Note: Effective January 1, 2014, all FMLA paperwork as well as decisions regarding an employee’s eligibility for FMLA leave will be administered by the FMLA Coordinator. The FMLA Coordinator can be reached at or 612-673-5460 and will provide the employee with the necessary forms.

Designation of FMLA leave must normally be made within five business days of the time the employee gives notice of the need for leave. Because the City of Minneapolis requires medical certification for all serious health condition leaves, ultimate designation in this instance will occur after receiving the properly completed certification form. 

The Designation Notice is completed after the certification forms are submitted. Even if the medical certification ultimately fails to confirm that the leave is FMLA qualifying, the FMLA Coordinator will provide the employee with a Designation Notice. If the information provided by the employee is incomplete or insufficient, the FMLA Coordinator will provide the employee with seven days to cure the deficiencies. The information that is incomplete or insufficient must be noted on the Designation Notice. ( Note: The FMLA Coordinator has the responsibility of designating the leave.)

The FMLA Designation Notice, the completed Certification of Health Care Provider Form and any other correspondence regarding the issue must be placed in the employee's confidential department medical file.

Last updated Jul 28, 2016