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Leave of Absence With Pay (Civil Service Rule 15)




Applies To

X City Council Departments

X Boards and Commissions

X Other: [Describe] Applies to all employees in the classified service, except for employees who are members of a union and whose collective bargaining agreement specifies otherwise.


Leave of absence without pay means an absence by a permanent employee as authorized by State Statute or by their department pursuant to the provisions of this rule. Leaves in excess of one payroll period (14 calendar days) require approval by the Human Resources Director. Except for emergency situations, leaves must be approved prior to commencement.


1917: Date Established (OR as stated in each Bargaining Unit Agreement)

03/14/2002: Last Revised Date (OR as stated in each Bargaining Unit Agreement)

Key Words

"Civil Service Rule 15"; "Bargaining Units"; "Leave of Absence"; "Sick Leave"; "Unpaid Leave"; "Without Pay"; "Family Medical Leave"; FMLA; Appointive; Budgetary; "Sick Donation"; Intermittent; Leave; Medical; Military; Union; "Labor Agreements"; "Leave of Absence"; "Paid Leave"; "Return to Work"; "Witness Fee"; donation; jury; layoff; Olympic; vacation; "work comp"


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