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Layoff, Re-employment, Reinstatement and Restoration (Civil Service Rule 12)




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To establish layoff policies and employee rights and privileges upon re-employment. Re-employment may include call back from layoff or reinstatement/restoration to a list of eligible candidates. The affected person may be laid off from a position and continue to work in another position or no longer be working in any position.


1917: Date Established

07/27/04: Last Revised Date

Key Words

Layoff; Re-employment; Reinstatement; Restoration; "Layoff Policies"; Bumping; "Rule 12"; Demotion; "Abolishment of Position"; List ; "Eligible Candidates"; "Temporary Position"; "Permanent Position"; Discharge; Resignation; "Sick Leave"; Vacation; Seniority; Probation; "medical layoff"; termination


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Human Resources
Director of Human Resources 612/673-2139


Civil Service Commission Support Staff


Last updated Dec 30, 2011