Background Check Policy

I. Policy

The City of Minneapolis will conduct background checks in order to ensure that its employees pose no unreasonable risk to employees, citizens and City resources in the performance of their employment.

The City will conform to Minnesota Statutes Chapter 364 relating to criminal offenders and rehabilitation, which encourages the rehabilitation of criminal offenders. The statute further recognizes that the opportunity to secure employment is essential to the rehabilitation of ex-offenders and the resumption of their responsibilities of citizenship.

The Human Resources Director is directed to develop and maintain procedures for the implementation and ongoing maintenance of this policy.

II. Background Check Procedures

For a complete description of the procedures for background checks, see the document below:

Background Check Procedures

Note: If you have questions about the Background Check Policy or Procedures, please contact Deb Krueger or a member of your HR Generalist Team.

Last updated Dec 7, 2016