What is CODEFOR?

CODEFOR = Computer Optimized DEployment – Focus On Results. It is a strategy to reduce crime involving every unit of the Minneapolis Department, including patrol, investigations, administration, special units, and support services.

The CODEFOR Unit is located at:

Minneapolis City Hall, Room 100
350 South 5 th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55401
(612) 673-3160

View CODEFOR Crime Maps & Statistics.

How will CODEFOR reduce crime?

By using four elements essential to crime control:

How is this different from what has been done in the past?

It combines the latest technology with field-proven police techniques such as directed patrol, safe streets, and community-oriented policing. It utilizes computer-generated data to identify crime "hot spots" quickly, and divert police resources to them in a coordinated manner.

What should the community expect with CODEFOR?

What is the community's role in CODEFOR?

How will citizens know if this is effective?

Specific successes may be shared with the public as soon as they occur, but it will take several months of work and collecting and analyzing data before the clear impact can be demonstrated. At that time, results will be released. Reduced crime and increased public safety are our goals.

If you have questions about CODEFOR, contact your local police precinct.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011