Crime Statistics and Reports

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Shots Fired Maps
See the location of gun violence and where the sound of gun fire has been reported or detected by the ShotSpotter system. These maps are plotted on a city-wide map on a weekly basis.

Crime Maps
See location where crimes are reported. Various crimes, including property crimes, drug offenses, and violent crimes, are plotted on a Precinct Map on a weekly basis.

Monthly Neighborhood Crime Statistics
Neighborhood crime statistics are also available each month in Excel spreadsheet or PDF. These statistics use the same crime categories as the Uniform Crime Report Part I offenses, but are counted differently.

Uniform Crime Reports
Since 1930, the FBI has collected and published statistics on crime. These are the official reports that Minneapolis delivers to the FBI. They include statistics for each Police Precinct as well as the entire City.

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Last updated Oct 9, 2015