Reporting Adult Welfare Issues

When you encounter an adult who seems to be in trouble there are a wide variety of resources available, depending on the particular problem. A mentally ill, chemically dependent, or otherwise vulnerable adult can be given assistance.

Approaching an adult in crisis

Resources Available

If you as a neighbor, friend, or other interested person are unable to contact a family member and the situation doesn't seem to justify police crisis intervention, there are still many possible sources of help.

Hennepin County Adult Protection

Veterans' Affairs Medical Center

United Way 211, 651-291-0211, can provide information about a wide variety of advocacy organizations that might be able to assist. (For example, the Association for Retarded Citizens (ARC) works with developmentally disabled people.)

Council on Crime and Justice

Minneapolis Department of Health and Family Support

Occasionally, there may also be large numbers of dogs, cats, or other pets that are creating a health hazard. Call Minneapolis Animal Control at 612-348-4250, Animal Care & Control, for animal-related concerns.

Last updated Sep. 27, 2011