Aggressive Panhandling & Solicitation
—It’s a Crime and You Can Help!

Panhandling is a growing social and public safety concern across the country. But dealing with panhandlers can be challenging. In response to resident concerns, the City of Minneapolis has strengthened the panhandling/solicitation ordinance to specifically address aggressive panhandling.

Whats the difference between solicitation or panhandling and aggressive panhandling?

Many panhandlers passively ask for money or hold a sign. Others are much more aggressive, making loud, sometimes repeated demands and somepanhandlers choose to solicit in places that are particularly intimidating such as near ATM machines, in a restroom or near your car on the road. This is aggressive panhandling and in Minneapolis it is against the law. You can take action, both to stop the crime and to make a real difference to help people in need.

Minneapolis City Ordinance on Aggressive Solicitation

Minneapolis City Ordinance 385.60 defines Aggressive Solicitation as:
Verbal requests for money or an item or offering an item or service of little value for a donation in the following locations:

And in the following way:

If you are confronted by an aggressive panhandler, what should you do?

For more information: Minneapolis Safe Zone or call 311.

Remember, aggressive panhandling does NOT include:
standing passively, sitting or performance art or a sign or other indication that a donation is being sought, without any vocal request other than in response to an inquiry by another person.

Last updated Apr 25, 2012