The Case Number/Confirmation screen

This final screen displays when your report has been successfully submitted. The case number assigned to your report is displayed, indicating that your report is now in the police records system.

Case numbers begin with MP- or UM-, followed by the four digit year, followed by a 6 digit file number.

It is recommended that you record the case number for future reference.

How to obtain a copy of your Police Report

A copy of the report will be automatically sent to the email address you provided in the report. This usually takes only a minute or two. You can then print out the report or save it for your records.

In rare instances, the PDF of your report is not generated immediately. If you do not receive the emailed copy within 24 hours, please contact the Minneapolis Police Records Department for information on how to get a printed copy of your report.

Start a new report or exit the system

If you’d like to enter another report, click on "File Another Report".

When completely finished, click on "Exit Application" or just close the window.

Last updated Mar 27, 2012