Using the Incident Description Form

Use this form to describe the incident in your own words.

For example, say you’re making a Theft report because your bicycle was stolen while it was parked at the downtown Minneapolis library. You entered the 300 Nicollet Mall address earlier in the report as the incident location, but here is where you can give us specific information about where and what happened.

Using the two text fields, add detail about the incident like where the bike was last seen, where you were while the theft occurred, and general information about what happened.

Did incident occur on Minneapolis Park property or Metro Transit property?

You’ll be asked if the incident occurred on Park or Metro Transit property. This information helps route the report to the correct investigating agency.

Lost Property reports

When reporting Lost Property, you’ll be asked if it is possible that the property was stolen rather than lost. This information enables the system to code the incident correctly.

When finished with all questions, press "Next>>" to go to the next screen.

Last updated Mar 27, 2012