Officer Kristina Stichter

I grew up in the inner-city of Minneapolis. There was a halfway house on the corner of my block and a crack house directly across the street from my house. It wasn’t uncommon to hear gun shots and police sirens in our area. In my middle school, there were several students we knew to be gang members; but to us, it was no big deal. During my high school years, several boys I knew were killed as a result of gang activity.

It was in my sophomore year that I decided to become not only a police officer, but a Minneapolis Police Officer. I wanted to be part of a team dedicated to cleaning up our city. I got to know the police officers that worked at our school and was given an opportunity to do an internship with the police department while in high school. Despite the grief I received from some of my classmates for choosing Law Enforcement as a career, I knew the Minneapolis Police Department was where I wanted to be.

I went on to Mankato State University where I majored in Law Enforcement. It was not easy, as I was the only African American female in the program; but that didn’t stop me. After finishing college in June of 1998, I applied for and was accepted in the Cadet Program. I’ve been with the department since January of 1999.

I patrolled downtown Minneapolis at night for six years until I obtained my current position as Program Coordinator with the Police Department’s Police Activities League. PAL is non-profit mentoring organization sponsored by the Minneapolis Police Department. It offers Minneapolis youth with opportunities they may otherwise not have like summer camps opportunities, enrichment field trips, and recreational sports. All programs are free for the children and all involve Minneapolis police officers as coaches and chaperones. Being in this position has allowed me to utilize skills I wasn’t even aware I possessed.

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Last updated Sep 27, 2011