Officer Laurarose Turner

I have worked for the Minneapolis Police Department since January 1997. I worked 3rd Pct. dogwatch until August of 2005 and now, I'm full time Mounted Patrol with the 1st Pct.

During my employment, I was also in the Army Reserves and had a year long deployment in Germany. The police department as a whole was very supportive of my ARMY commitment and the Human Resource staff was especially helpful.

The Minneapolis Police Department allows officers many different outlets for change without being a supervisor. I was able to do two month long career enrichments in background investigations in 2002. I was also a part of the Crisis Intervention Team while working patrol in 3rd Pct. The Mounted Patrol has opened up even more training opportunities for me; I was able to train with the Royal Canadian Mounted police in March 2006.

As a 10 year veteran, I know the Minneapolis Police Department was the right career path for me. Not only have I been able to work with good partners, they all have become great friends.

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Last updated Mar 28, 2013