Minneapolis Police Academy

The Minneapolis Police Academy's main function is to train and prepare newly hired officers for their law enforcement duties within the Department. The Minneapolis Police Academy is currently located at Fort Snelling. Recruit officers receive instruction in:

The MPD Academy is a paramilitary-structured program. Recruit officers are required to achieve passing scores in all written and practical testing. After successful completion of the MPD Academy, recruit officers enter the Field Training Program.

How long is the Police Academy?

Minneapolis Police Academy is 14-16 weeks.

Is the Academy a live-in, high-stress environment?

It is structured as a paramilitary program, but recruits are not required to stay in barracks. Academy hours are generally Monday through Friday, with recruits going home at the end of each day.

How much physical conditioning is required in the Academy?

Police Recruits will be required to physically train to prepare themselves in becoming an effective police officer. There are entry-level fitness standards and standards that must be met to pass the course. See Fitness Standards.

Will I be paid while attending the Academy?

Police Recruits are paid while attending the Academy and are considered City of Minneapolis employees.

What happens when I graduate from the Academy?

Upon graduation, Police Recruits are promoted to Police Officers and will be scheduled for an additional 5 month Field Training Program. Once training is complete, new officers will be assigned to one of five areas of patrol. The location and work schedule will be determined according to the needs of the Department.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011