Community Service Officer

CSO Program

A Community Service Officer (CSO) works at least 20 hours per week in the Minneapolis Police Department while enrolled as a full-time student in an approved, two-year Law Enforcement Program. Full time CSOs work 40 hours per week, after completing the Skills Program.

See list of Local schools that offer a two-year law enforcement degree programs.

The City pays for all college tuition and books. CSOs assist the Police Department in a variety of non-enforcement activities. If a CSO succeeds in academic, fitness training, and job performance, he or she may be eligible for promotion to full-time police officer.

This is a civilian position with the possibility of promotion to a full time police officer position.



Salary: $15.035-$18.385/hour plus full tuition


Hourly Salary

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Plus Tuition!





Job Description

CSO Selection Process

Law enforcement is a strenuous, stressful and potentially dangerous occupation requiring above average strength and endurance. The position of CSO develops the skills necessary to become a Police Officer, which requires a high degree of both upper and lower body strength, cardiovascular endurance and stamina, flexibility, balance and physical exertion.

As part of the selection process candidates must take a physical agility exam. The fitness test is used to evaluate your fitness level potential. This exam is offered to establish, and keep current, an active eligible list roster for future CSO openings as they may occur.

All candidates must be 18 years old (by date of hire) and have a high school diploma (or equivalent) will be placed on the eligible list. Proof of education may be required prior to time of hire. If candidate has college experience, they must provide college transcripts, or they will have to take a college assessment.

To Remain on the Eligible List: All candidates must pass Tracker (initial background evaluation), the assessment evaluation for college enrollment in a Law Enforcement Training Program and complete the fitness assessment.

Applicants who completed the fitness assessment within the previous 12 months may request, in writing, that their past score be transferred to this exam.

Conditional job offers may only be made to candidates who successfully complete a full background investigation. Those who are given conditional job offers must pass medical and psychological assessments.

All hired candidates must attend a 3 week, 8 hour/day academy before they can start this position.

All candidates upon successful completion of Law Enforcement degree must meet State requirements to become a Police Officer. See the Minnesota POST Board Requirements .


Last updated May 7, 2014