Community Involvement & Responsibilities

The Minneapolis Police Department depends on all citizens of our community to assist us in making Minneapolis a safer city to live and work in.

Remember, for every report/call that is made, it increases the eyes and ears of the police which in turn, provides more information on criminal activities and the areas where it is occurring. This, coupled with our CODEFOR strategy, improves the chances of stopping criminal behavior in our city.

It is a partnership, responsibility and duty that all of us share—to report and provide information about crime and suspicious behavior, report and remove graffiti and participate neighborhood and business block clubs.

Organize a Crime Prevention Block Club or Apartment Club

An organized community is the best defense against crime. Join forces with neighbors on your block, in your apartment building or among your surrounding business community to prevent crime.

Reporting and providing information about crime and suspicious behavior

Report Graffiti

Subscribe to Crime Alert Bulletins

Subscribe to crime alert bulletins and receive e-mails for your neighborhood or business districts about crime alerts and safety tips.

Last updated Apr 24, 2012