Field Training Program Structure

A few general facts about our program are:

Daily, weekly and monthly evaluations are an integral part of the MPD model.

If a recruit is having significant difficulty, a one month extension may be given.

Our program utilizes the Recruit Officer Performance Evaluation (ROPE) form as the primary instrument for rating recruit officer progress. Each recruit must be rated on 75 ROPE forms before advancing to the final evaluation phase.

In an effort to combine learning on the street with assisting the recruit with overall departmental knowledge, tasks have been designed.

Tasks contain a representative listing of duties and knowledge a patrol officer will need to know in performance of their duties as police officers. There are 69 tasks, divided into five phases.

The final eight days of the 75 day period will be monitored to document that the recruit has achieved acceptable ratings in all categories of the ROPE form. Successful completion of this phase will allow the recruit to advance to the ten day final evaluation phase.

In this portion of the training, the recruit will perform as an Able (one person) patrol officer, and the FTO will be dressed in plainclothes. The FTO will only assist in instances where a clear and present danger exists.

After successful completion of the Field Training Program, the new officer will be assigned to a permanent shift with the MPD and be monitored for the remainder of his/her probationary period.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011