MPD Community Chaplains

The Minneapolis Police Department is excited to welcome 13 new "Community Chaplains" into our Precincts.  The team is made up of a diverse set of faith leaders whol help MPD officers connect with the community. It's a proactive approach that will ensure better communicaton with residents and foster community relationships. The chaplains are responsible for one 4-hour ride along, one precinct meeting and one community meeting each month. Please make them feel welcome as they will be a big part of the conversation between police and community.

Precinct 1

Chaplain Nan Marie Zosel MPD Precinct 1 Breck School
Chaplain Nan Marie Zosel

Precinct 2

Leader Bruce Pinke MPD Precinct 2 Elim Baptist
Leader Bruce Pinke

Pastor Brett Miller MPD Precinct 2 Southeast Christian
Minister Brett Miller
Southeast Christian Church

Dr. Marggi Pliess-Sippola MPD Precinct 2 Gustavus Adolphus
Rev. Margaret Pliess-Sippola
Gustavus Adolphus


 Precinct 3

Pastor David Larson MPD Precinct 3 Genesis Minneapolis
Pastor David Larson
Trinity Lutheran

Pastor Charles Graham Precinct 3 Macedonia Baptist
Pastor Charles Graham

Pastor David Engman MPD Precinct 3 Breakthrough Ministries
Pastor David Engman


Precinct 4

Reverend Linda Koelman MPD Precinct 4 North United Methodist
Rev. Linda Koelman
North United

Reverend Terry Hayes MPD Precinct 4 Our Lady of Victory Catholic
Rev. Terry Hayes
Our Lady of Victory

Imam Makram El-Amin MPD Precinct 4 Masjid AnNur Islamic Centers
Imam Makran El Amin
Masjid An'nur


 Precinct 5

Reverand G Travis Norvell MPD Precinct 5 Judson Memorial Baptist
Rev. G. Travis Norvell
Judson Memorial

Deacon Carl Valdez MPD Precinct 5 Incarnation Catholic
Deacon Carl Valdez

Reverand Joan Austin MPD Precinct 5 Macedonia Baptist
Rev. Joan Ausin





Last updated Mar 13, 2015