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Common Crashes

Crashes between pedestrians and vehicles occur in a broad range of situations. However, these are a few of the common scenarios to watch out for:

Turning Movements at Signalized Intersections

Left turning vehicles at signalized intersections are common scenarios for pedestrian crashes. Right turning vehicles at signalized intersections are less common. Minnesota Signal law requires motorists turning at signalized intersections to stop for pedestrians who have legally entered adjacent crosswalks. The most common turning accidents involve left turning motorists.

Crossing the Street Mid-Block

Pedestrians crossing in the middle of the block are another common scenario for pedestrian crashes. State statute requires pedestrians crossing mid-block (between 2 intersections) to yield to vehicles, unless a mid-block crossing is marked.

The "Double Threat"

A "double threat" can occur on streets with two or more lanes of vehicles traveling in the same direction (e.g. a 2-way, 4-lane street, or a 1-way, 3-lane street). If one vehicle stops for a pedestrian and another vehicle overtakes it on either side, the pedestrian may not be visible and be struck.

Last updated Oct 23, 2013