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U of M Game Day
In Minneapolis, it is against the law to park on the lawn of residential or commercial property. Park on the lawn and you can be fined $200.

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Parking Enforcement
Tailgating at the U of M

Parking Services

Parking Ramps
Minneapolis Municipal Parking System has 17 parking ramps and 7 lots conveniently located in the warehouse, entertainment and business districts.  To find out information concerning Ramp Locations and Parking Rates please click the Parking Ramps link above.  

Parking Meters
Learn about rates, locations, and enforcement. The City of Minneapolis currently has three different meter types based on use and location.  For more information on Ease of use and meter locations please click the Parking Meters link above.

Impound Lot
Where to find your car if it is towed? The Minneapolis Municipal Impound Lot is the simple answer.  For more information concerning impound lot location, hours of operation and all things Impound Lot, click the Impound Lot link above.

Critical Parking Permits
Also called residential parking permits, for neighborhoods where parking is difficult due to customers, commuters, or students.  Please click on the Critical Parking Permits link above for details concening the process of obtaining permits and other permit information.

Disability Parking
The Disability Parking link above can provide details and information concerning reduced rate monthly parking and on-street free meter parking alternatives for visitors with permits. 


Last updated May 16, 2012