FAQs – Nicollet Mall redesign

May 17, 2013  

Q:  Does the standard 8.5”x11” format of the proposal preclude a landscape orientation (vs. portrait orientation)?

A:  Either portrait or landscape orientation is acceptable.

Q:   Does the one page maximum requirement for team bio/resumes mean one page total or one page for each member of the design team.

A:  Maximum of one page per team member.

Q:  The brief asks for “three (3) examples of projects per team member (one page each, no more than five total if multiple team member firms) that demonstrate relevant experience.”  Is three (3) projects a minimum or maximum number of project examples per firm? If a team is made up of two or more firms, each firm cannot submit 3 one-page project examples without exceeding the 5 page limit. Can 2-3 projects be shown per page if the team is made up of multiple firms?

A:  Yes, you can show 2-3 projects per page as long as you do not exceed the 12-page total.

Q:  Per the RFQ, reconstruction is expected to be completed by "a collaboration of the winning firm, the Minneapolis Department of Public Works engineering staff, and an appropriate engineering and planning firm, if different from the winning firm." This suggests that the addition of a local office may not be necessary. Could you please advise?

A:  Firms are encouraged to assemble teams that can best execute the project.    


Last updated May 21, 2013