Innovative tree canopy map now available

A new mapping study of the Minneapolis tree canopy, made with the latest available technologies including satellite imagery, is now available online. The study finds that nearly 32 percent of Minneapolis is covered in tree canopy, which is greater than previously estimated. Not only is the majority of the City's tree canopy on residential property, but the greatest potential for new tree canopy also lies on residential property. Minneapolis property owners can check the map to find out which privately owned spaces in their communities could make the best use of trees. (Private property owners must not plant trees on boulevards.)

Our tree canopy is an important part of the urban environment and a priority for the City and its residents. Most people know that trees are important to any City's character, beauty, property values and air quality. Perhaps less intuitive are trees’ effects on health, crime and energy consumption. The map can help neighborhoods strategically plan and target resources for the greatest return on investment in our tree canopy, including reduced stormwater runoff and reduced energy consumption.

Staff plans to update maps following events such as the May tornado in north Minneapolis.

Published Aug 10, 2011