City has new web, email addresses and improved government TV

The City of Minneapolis has a new web address: While the new address is shorter and easier to remember, the most significant benefit is that it provides the public with an added reassurance that it is the official City government site, since only government entities are allowed to have a "dot gov" domain.

The old domain name – will continue to work indefinitely, but people are encouraged to update their bookmarks and use when visiting the City's website.

In addition to the new domain name, City email addresses are also changing. City employee email addresses will be formatted like this: Like the web address, the old email addresses will continue to work indefinitely, so if a person sends an email to, that City employee will still receive the email message.

Minneapolis 79

To coincide with the shift to a new web address, the City also launched a revamped government television channel: Minneapolis 79. Among the changes viewers will see:

The program schedule includes more rebroadcasts of government meetings. In addition to airing live and rebroadcast City Council meetings on Minneapolis 79, the City of Minneapolis offers live and archived meetings on its website. Live Minneapolis 79 programming can now also be viewed on most mobile devices at

The Minneapolis City Council approved the new web domain name in November 2010, and since then the City's Business Information Services department has been working to ensure that all Web pages and email addresses would work properly once the conversion to the new domain name was implemented.

Published Aug 1, 2011