Additional funding approved for North Side neighborhoods impacted by tornado

The Minneapolis City Council approved on Friday, July 1 an additional $600,000 in funding to support neighborhood organizations in the areas impacted by the tornado. The funds will help build capacity for community-led recovery and rebuilding efforts.

The "Rebuilding Our Communities Fund" is a two-year program and the $600,000 in funding will come from post-2009 interest earnings from the non-Tax Increment Financing portion of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program fund. The allocation of these funds for this program will not affect any existing neighborhood funding commitments. The program will specifically be for Folwell, Harrison, Jordan, McKinley, Webber-Camden, and Willard-Hay neighborhoods, which were those impacted by the tornado.

The Rebuilding Our Communities Fund will help build the capacity of neighborhood organizations so that they play a lead role in the effort to:

Published Jul 1, 2011