Videos provide regular updates on tornado recovery work in Minneapolis

The City of Minneapolis is producing regular videos to update folks on the City's tornado recovery work in north Minneapolis and the assistance and resources available to help people make it through this difficult time. A new video is being produced every day this week and regular updates will continue next week.

The first video was produced May 31 and so far they have focused on the shuttle bus taking people to assistance locations in north Minneapolis and downtown, a satellite office offering construction-related permitting services, American Red Cross emergency stations, hazardous waste collection, and the June 4 volunteer cleanup day.

The videos are airing at the top of the hour on the City's cable channel 14, and are also being posted to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter . In addition to these videos, the city is using its cable TV stations, social media, the news media, the City's website, and flyers in the community to inform the public of the tornado recovery efforts.

Published Jun 2, 2011