Mobile food vending expands in Minneapolis

The Minneapolis City Council today unanimously approved the expansion of mobile food vehicle vending in Minneapolis. Current mobile food vehicle vendors, restaurant owners and entrepreneurs who do not own restaurants now have the opportunity to operate a mobile food vehicle throughout the city that can park at a preapproved location or on the street.

In addition to sidewalks or private lots, approved mobile food vehicle vendors are now able to sell their food curbside. Because of these changes, mobile food vehicle vendors are not committed to a permanent location as was the case in 2010. Mobile food vehicle vendors who use the street must follow all parking regulations and signage and pay the appropriate parking meter rates. Preapproved locations can be found on the following map: Mobile Food Maps (pdf).

Approved mobile food vehicle vendors will be required to operate for a minimum of 150 days. Those approved are also prohibited from operating within 100 feet on the same block-face of a licensed sidewalk café or restaurant with direct access to the sidewalk. 

Restaurants interested in having a mobile food vehicle will need to submit an application detailing the plans of their vehicle and the proposed location. The Downtown Improvement District and Public Works will provide assistance to direct applicants to prospective sites as appropriate. New applications are now being accepted and the license fee for a new mobile food vehicle is $806 along with start up costs totaling $391.

Published Apr 15, 2011