Attention artists: take part in the statewide MN Arts Count

Whether you paint murals, spin pottery, put on dance performances, or engage in any other forms of creative expression, the Minnnesota State Arts Board wants to know more about you and your creative work. By answering a few questions for the MN Arts Count, you’ll help represent our state’s thriving arts community.

The MN Arts Count is a census of everyone in Minnesota who engages in creative expression, and of businesses, facilities, and organizations that promote and support creative expression. It’s open to anyone who, professionally or personally, sings, acts, dances, writes, draws, paints, sculpts, illustrates, photographs, films, knits, weaves, directs, plays an instrument, composes, shares stories, designs or engages in any other form of creative expression. So far, more than 650 organizations/venues/groups and 8,100 individuals have taken part in the count. 

To get involved, take an online survey at A paper survey is also available for those without Internet access or who would prefer to complete the survey offline. Just call 800-748-3222, extension 225. The census will be conducted through April 30, 2011

Published Apr 14, 2011