Minneapolis firefighters installing smoke detectors

Firefighters from the Minneapolis Fire Department (Firefighters Local 82 and the Minneapolis African-American Professional Firefighter Association) will be installing smoke detectors in single family homes in north side Minneapolis neighborhoods between noon and 3 p.m. on:

Initiatives such as the smoke detector program help the Minneapolis Fire Department more effectively serve the community and stand behind the motto that defines the work of Minneapolis firefighters. The motto for the Minneapolis Fire Department is MFD C.A.R.E.S which stands for Community, Access, Response, Engagement, and Safety.

A message from the Minneapolis Fire Department:

Weve all recently moved our clocks forward for daylight savings time, so now its time to tackle the spring task that can save your life: Be sure to change the batteries in your smoke detectors!

The Fire Department urges you to make a habit of setting aside a few minutes to change smoke detector batteries when you change your clock settings each spring and fall.

In more than 70 percent of fire-related deaths, smoke detectors were either found to be not working or absent from the property. Every home should have at least one smoke detector on every floor level, and one within 10 feet of each bedroom.

Published Mar 18, 2011