Residents can apply to play an important role in redistricting in Minneapolis

There is still a chance for people in Minneapolis to participate in redistricting the city, creating boundaries for elections in 2012 and beyond. The deadline to apply to join the redistricting Advisory Group is March 25.

Redistricting is an important process, because having districts with equal populations helps ensure there is fair representation no matter where you live. Redistricting happens every ten years, following the U.S. Census, and for residents who are interested, there is a new opportunity to play an important role in the redistricting process that’s about to start.

In 2010, Minneapolis voters transferred authority for developing new boundaries for the City's thirteen wards and the Park Board’s six districts to a Redistricting Group made up of the Charter Commission and an appointed Advisory Group. The Charter Commission is now soliciting applications for the Advisory Group.

The Charter Commission seeks applicants who will bring diversity to the Redistricting Group, are active citizens, have knowledge of the many communities within the city, and will serve on a nonpartisan basis. Please note that while Advisory Group members are expected to participate in a nonpartisan manner, current or past involvement in political party activities does not disqualify an applicant from service.

The job description and application form are posted on the Charter Commission’s website.

All applications should be submitted as outlined in the application by the March 25, 2011 deadline. Interviews will be conducted in April, 2011. If your group is interested in a presentation or if you have any questions, please call the Commission Coordinator, Peggy Menshek, at (612) 673-2287 or email her at

Published Mar 10, 2011