Learn more about property tax refunds available for homeowners

Now that tax time is in full swing, homeowners should be aware there are two types of property tax refunds available from the State the regular property tax refund and a special property tax refund. Homeowners may be eligible for both depending on their income levels and the size of their property tax bill.

The regular property tax refund is for people who own and reside in their home on Jan. 2, 2011. If the home is not " homesteaded," your application for homestead must be made before Dec. 15, 2011. This refund is dependent on your income. You may be eligible if your household income is under these limits:

To qualify for the special property tax refund:

There is no limit on household income for the special property tax refund. You may qualify for the special refund even if you do not qualify for the 2010 regular property tax refund. To determine if you qualify and, if so, the amount of your refund, complete Schedule 1 on the back of Form M1PR found on the Minnesota Department of Revenue website.

Published Feb 22, 2011