Minneapolis launches new and improved Municipal Code of Ordinances site

The City of Minneapolis along with Municipal Municode Corporation has launched a new and improved Minneapolis Municode site that allows the user to navigate, print, save, e-mail and link to the code with greater ease. Improved features in the new site allow a user to move around desired sections quickly and pick and choose the desired title or portion thereof to either print, save or send as an email. The new Minneapolis Municode site also includes graphics that are embedded into the code and not managed separately.

Access Minneapolis Municode at the City's City Clerk - Council Information Division.

Please update your bookmarks to the Code of Ordinances by saving them to your device when at the new site. Your old bookmarks will not work. Also delete any PDFs created of old ordinance pages. If you continue using older bookmarks, a ‘page not found’ message will appear. You will also not be redirected to the new site.

Municipal Municode Corporation is the nation’s leading codifier of municipal laws and ordinances and has been serving local governments since 1951 and has clients in all 50 states.

Published Feb 1, 2011