Homegrown Minneapolis seeks public input on food policy council

The City's Homegrown Minneapolis initiative seeks public input at a community meeting on Thursday, Jan. 20, as it prepares to move forward on the next phase of its healthy, sustainable, locally based food policy.

Homegrown Minneapolis the next phase
5 to 7 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 20
Urban Research and Outreach Center

2001 Plymouth Ave. N

The event will celebrate progress made in the past two years and discuss principles and values that will serve to build on the work done to create a lasting, resilient food system here in Minneapolis. One of major goals of the community meeting will be to hear input on the creation of a Minneapolis-based Food Policy Council.

Homegrown Minneapolis is an initiative of the City of Minneapolis to improve the growth, sales, distribution, and consumption of healthy, locally grown foods within the city and the surrounding region. This initiative brings together key partners from local government, area businesses, community organizations, nonprofits, and residents to build a healthy, local food system. Read more about Homegrown Minneapolis at Homegrown Minneapolis.

Published Jan 14, 2011