City, Fire Department thank residents for following Winter Parking Restrictions rules

Now that Winter Parking Restrictions are in effect, the City of Minneapolis and Fire Chief Alex Jackson want to thank the people of Minneapolis for following the parking restrictions and helping spread the word to their family, friends and neighbors.

"On behalf of the City of Minneapolis, I want to thank everyone for their patience and flexibility now that these parking restrictions are in place," Chief Jackson said. "We know this is a major inconvenience for many people in the city, but it is absolutely necessary to make sure emergency vehicles can get to their destinations quickly and safely. Every second matters when responding to an emergency and without cooperation in complying with the rules and spreading the word, precious seconds could be lost."

In order to provide reliable access for emergency vehicles after a record December snowfall, Winter Parking Restrictions were put into effect at 8 a.m. today, Dec. 17, in Minneapolis. This means parking is banned on the even side of non-Snow-Emergency-routes until April 1, unless conditions allow the City to lift the ban earlier. Parking is allowed on both sides of Snow Emergency routes and parkways, and the ODD side of non-Snow Emergency-routes, unless otherwise posted and provided a Snow Emergency has NOT been declared. Drivers parking in Minneapolis must follow these Winter Parking Restrictions, or they could be ticketed and towed.

Published Dec 17, 2010