Open house seeks comments on Downtown’s east-west bus transit improvements

The City of Minneapolis has drafted a plan aimed at improving east-west bus transit Downtown. Residents, commuters and others can learn about these improvements and comment on the "Downtown East-West Transit Spine Plan" at an upcoming public open house.

Public Open House
Monday, Dec. 13, 4-6 p.m.
Central Library, 300 Nicollet Mall, Doty Room

The Downtown East-West Transit Spine Plan calls for improving east-west bus services and facilities along 7th and 8th streets between Chicago Avenue S and 1st Avenue N. The changes will improve the efficiency and attractiveness of transit service, improve the quality of the pedestrian environment at bus stops, and help provide better internal downtown transit circulation service for visitors and consumers who don’t use the transit system on a regular basis.

Proposed changes include:

The Downtown East-West Transit Spine Plan is part of Access Minneapolis: a transportation action plan that addresses a full range of transportation, including pedestrian, bicycle, transit, automobile, and freight. The purpose of Access Minneapolis is to identify specific actions that the City and its partner agencies need to take within the next ten years to improve transportation in the city.

For additional information and the proposed east-west transit spine, see ACCESS Minneapolis.

Published Nov 23, 2010