Separating resources from trash: America Recycles Day is Nov. 15

On America Recycles Day Nov. 15, we can celebrate that Minnesota recycles more than 2 million tons a year — that’s the second best rate in the country. More than 19,000 Minnesota jobs involve recycling.

When you and your neighbors recycle, you create at least three benefits: you reduce garbage, you provide material to make into new products, and you make it possible for manufacturers to use an average of 75 percent less energy than using virgin materials. What happens when you recycle paper? Recycling one ton of paper saves enough energy to power a three-bedroom house for an entire year. Besides easily recognizable paper products (e.g., writing paper or paper towels), more than 5,000 products can be made from recycled paper, including masking tape, paper money, bandages, hospital gowns, car insulation, lampshades and egg cartons.

Even with the second-best rate in the country, Minnesotans could recycle much more. About one-third of what we throw away at home could have been recycled in curbside programs. Whether you are a dedicated recycler or new to the recycling game, consider a commitment to do more. Ask yourself:

With our commitment, recycling benefits will only continue to increase:

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Published Nov 12, 2010