Minneapolis, Saint Paul forge plan to attract green businesses, jobs

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman hailed the passage by their City Councils of an unprecedented joint-powers agreement for Thinc.GreenMSP MSP is an economic-development partnership between the two cities that is designed to attract, retain and grow green-manufacturing businesses and jobs. The joint-powers agreement allows the cities to share staff and resources as they seek private investment and partnership in Thinc.GreenMSP and implement a marketing plan. The Saint Paul City Council approved it earlier in the week.

The mayors plan to keep working together on initiatives such as green procurement and green building standards. The plan also seeks the active partnership of the private sector in distinguishing the region as the perfect place to create, expand or relocate a green business and the good jobs it creates.

The agreement also calls for the creation of a steering committee to help coordinate private, public and intergovernmental efforts to grow the region’s green economy. The 16 members of the committee, appointed equally by mayors Rybak and Coleman with respective City Council approval, will consist of representatives from Mayor Coleman’s office, Mayor Rybak’s office, Saint Paul Planning and Economic Development or the Saint Paul Port Authority, Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Development, a statewide or regional economic-development office, industry, finance, organized labor, a business association, and marketing and communications.

Thinc.GreenMSP represents the evolution of the mayors’ Green Manufacturing Initiative, a partnership that began in 2006 with the Blue Green Alliance. Minneapolis and Saint Paul will begin implementing Thinc.GreenMSP through five strategic initiatives that will drive demand for locally produced green products and services, as well as for the highly skilled workers who make those products and deliver those services.

Published Sep 24, 2010