Oct. 7 Minneapolis local food resource hubs has been cancelled

The Oct. 7 Local Food Resource Hub meeting at the Sabathani Community Center is cancelled. The City of Minneapolis maintains its commitment and enthusiasm for local food resource hub development and we will give everyone an update on the project soon.  If you previously forwarded this meeting notice onto others, please also send them this cancellation notice.  If you have any questions, you can direct them to June at (612) 673-2027 or june.mathiowetz@minneapolismn.gov

Two pilot hubs are scheduled to be set up this year with two more next year in a pilot project as part of the Minneapolis Department of Health and Family Supports Communities Putting Prevention to Work and Homegrown Minneapolis initiatives.

These innovative resource hubs are intended to support residents growing their own fresh produce in their backyards, front yards or community gardens. There is evidence that cities of the future will need to grow more of their own food to ensure food security. This kind of model leads to more gardeners becoming urban farmers, earning money by growing food for their neighbors, restaurants and farmers markets. This is an important economic development strategy that also uniquely benefits the health of people in our city by increasing overall access to more and healthier food.

A City of Minneapolis partnership with Gardening Matters, this project is an expansion of Homegrown Minneapolis efforts to increase local food production, processing, preservation, distribution and waste management. These projects are supported by the Minneapolis Department of Health and Family Support and the Minnesota Department of Health’s Communities Putting Prevention to Work initiative of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Oct. 05, 2010

Published Aug 31, 2010