Make every night National Night Out

National Night Out will take place on Tuesday, August 3 and this year the City of Minneapolis is encouraging block clubs and neighbors to not only get together on National Night Out, but to make a commitment to connect and keep their neighborhoods safe year-round.

To reinforce this message and help people spread the word, the City has created " Make Every Night National Night Out" flyers that can be printed and handed out at National Night Out events. The flyers encourage folks to do their part to help keep their neighborhood safe by becoming block club leaders, staying informed about city and police news, and communicating with the city and police when there are livability and safety issues in their neighborhood. The flyer was recently delivered electronically to neighborhood groups and block clubs throughout Minneapolis.

National Night Out is a 26 year tradition in the city of Minneapolis.  Neighbors come together to meet each other and to build stronger and safer communities. By knowing each other, neighbors can watch out for one another and can report suspicious activity that may occur on their block. National Night Out can be a group of neighbors gathering for lemonade, ice cream, or a pot luck dinner. Or it could be a game of volleyball or a bike rodeo. Each block creates its own event that reflects the people who live and work on the block.

Visit the City's National Night Out website for more information.

Published Jul 30, 2010