Survey asks how you preserve food at home

From old fashioned canning to bagging and freezing, many people preserve their food for later use. How do you do it?

The Food Preservation Network, in partnership with the Minneapolis Department of Health and Family Support, is exploring ways to develop community-infrastructure that supports residents efforts to preserve locally grown foods. As part of this effort, the network is conducting a survey to better understand residents' interests and needs regarding food preservation.

Your responses will help the Food Preservation Network develop a pilot food preservation project that will be implemented in September and October. This survey is completely voluntary and anonymous. 

The goal is to increase community capacity to preserve locally grown foods in order to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables and build a stronger, healthier community. This project is part of Homegrown Minneapolis, an initiative to increase the production, distribution, and processing of locally grown foods and is funded by the Statewide Health Improvement Program.

For more information, please contact Ana Micka,

Published Jul 21, 2010