Keep tap water with you to fight the summer heat

Summer is here, and that means everyone will be spending more time outside enjoying the nice weather. We want you to stay cool and hydrated with the temperatures climb, so make sure to bring a water bottle filled with Minneapolis tap water wherever you go.

Minneapolis tap water is safe, great tasting and at less than half a cent a gallon it’s very economical. Our water goes through hundreds of tests a day, making it among the best tap water in the nation.

Fill a water bottle with tap water before leaving home. When it’s empty, you can fill it back up at a drinking fountain. We have portable drinking fountains that will be popping up around town all summer. You can find out about where they are by becoming a fan or follower of us on Facebook and Twitter:

By filling a water bottle instead of buying single-use water bottles, you help conserve energy and reduce waste. Bottled water needs to be packaged at a factory and shipped to customers like you. The bottles are discarded once the water is consumed. Minneapolis tap water comes straight to homes and offices without the needless use of these resources.

For more information on Minneapolis tap water, go to Water Department website.

Published Jun 22, 2010