Road improvements coming to Minneapolis this construction season

The construction season is under way in Minneapolis, and crews are already busy on a number of projects around town. By this fall, there will be smoother driving surfaces and new bike paths for residents and visitors to enjoy in many parts of the city.

This season, there are a number of major road projects under way that will improve more than 30 miles of roadway in the city. In addition, there are twice as many pothole crews out right now on the streets making repairs after a winter that caused a lot rough spots on our streets.

Some of the major projects include:

This is the second year of the $22.6 million Accelerated Infrastructure Program, which supplements the City's existing infrastructure plan. Street projects are generally funded through the City's Capital Improvements Program and the general maintenance program. However, those projects were not keeping pace with the overall decline of street conditions. AIP increased the number of street projects done each year, slowing the decline of street conditions and making better roadways for all drivers.

Many of these projects will require road closures, lane restrictions and detours. The best way drivers can find out about these traffic changes is by subscribing to the City's traffic alerts. The City will also notify the local media about any major traffic impacts so they can share them with the public.

Published May 17, 2010