Census takers going door-to-door to households that did not return census form

If you didn’t return your 2010 census form, you will soon be getting a knock on your door.

The U.S. Census Bureau is now sending census takers to households who did not return their questionnaire by mail. As of April 30, 76 percent of households in Minneapolis have completed and returned the 2010 census form, surpassing the 2000 mail response rate of 68 percent. While this is a significant achievement, it also means that approximately 50,000 Minneapolis households have not yet returned their Census form.

Official census takers will present an ID badge with a Department of Commerce seal when interviewing households. Collectors will also carry a U.S. Census Bureau bag and provide their supervisor's phone number for verification. A census taker is a person from your community who is hired by the U.S. Census Bureau to make sure that your neighborhood gets represented as accurately as possible. The census taker's primary responsibility is to collect census information from residences which have not sent back their 2010 Census form. Census takers will visit or call a household multiple times in an effort to collect get a complete and accurate count for each residence in the city.

By answering the census you are standing up for what your community's needs are, helping to insure that you receive your fair share of federal funding and political representation. That's why opening your door to census takers is so important.

If you would still like to obtain a census form or respond to the census questionnaire over the phone, you may call one of the following numbers:

English: 1-866-872-6868

Spanish: 1-866-928-2010

Chinese: 1-866-935-2010

Korean: 1-866-955-2010

Russian: 1-866-965-2010

Vietnamese: 1-866-945-2010

Published Apr 28, 2010