City approves expansion of food carts Downtown

On Friday, April 2, the Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved the expansion of mobile food vending in downtown Minneapolis. Restaurant owners and entrepreneurs who do not own restaurants now have the opportunity to expand their operation to a mobile food vending vehicle that could park on a preapproved location within the Downtown Improvement District. Food preparation will also now be allowed in the vehicle.

Restaurants interested in having a mobile food vehicle will need to submit an application detailing the plans of their vehicle and the proposed location. The Downtown Improvement District and Public Works will provide assistance to direct applicants to prospective sites. Once a completed application is received, the materials will be reviewed and approved by Business Licenses and Public Works. The license fee for a mobile food vehicle is $483. There are also start up costs in the amount of $391. Applications will be accepted starting May 1 with hopeful implementation mid-summer.

Published Apr 2, 2010