City streamlines process for appointments to volunteer boards and commissions

The City of Minneapolis has streamlined its process for selecting individuals to serve on volunteer boards and commissions. Appointments will now be made to City boards and commissions two times per year through formal City Council and Mayoral processes. Appointments were previously made on an as-needed basis and are now targeted for May and November.

The City of Minneapolis has more than 50 volunteer-based boards, commissions and advisory committees, which advise the City on current issues and assist the City in policy development and administration of services. The City's volunteer board members provide valuable insights from the community, help shape key policy decisions and provide community-based input into administration of services. Minneapolis revamped its appointment process to make it easier for folks to learn about volunteer opportunities and to ensure that the process is clear, easily accessible and available to all interested parties.

Applications are now being accepted for a number of open positions that the City Council and Mayor will appoint in May. The application deadline is April 2, 2010. For a full list of positions and descriptions, interested applicants should visit the e-mail updates. In August, the City will begin accepting applications for November appointments.

Boards and commissions fall into a handful of categories: appeal boards, development boards, general advisory boards, and special service districts, which are defined areas within the city where special services are rendered.

A public open house is planned for March where prospective applicants will have the opportunity to talk with City staff about the various volunteer opportunities on boards and commissions. An online chat will also be held in March for those who could not attend the open house. Details on these two events will be made available in the coming weeks.

Published Feb 17, 2010