Low cost rain garden workshops offered

Register now for a workshop to learn how to design, plant and maintain a rain garden, a beautiful low-maintenance garden with native plants that will capture rainwater on your property to improve water quality in our lakes, rivers and streams. The workshops are offered by Metro Blooms, a nonprofit volunteer organization that promotes and celebrate gardening that protects and restores our water resources.

There are two separate workshops and participants pay $10 per household (up to two members) for each of the workshops. Workshop attendees are also eligible for on-site consultation and rain-garden design opportunities with a landscape design assistant for $50 each. Information about the two workshops, on-site consultation and on-site design opportunities, workshop dates and locations are available at metroblooms.org.

Space is limited. Register with a credit card at metroblooms.org , or send a $10 check payable to Metro Blooms, PO Box 17099, Minneapolis, MN 55417. You may also call (651) 699-2426 to register over the phone.

Metro Blooms has offered rain garden workshops in Minneapolis since 2005 and is partnering with the City of Minneapolis and the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District to offer low-cost rain garden workshops and design assistance once again in Minneapolis in 2010.

Published Feb 4, 2010