2010 Census Minneapolis kick-off event set for Jan. 14

A kick-off event to highlight the importance of being counted in the 2010 Census is set for Jan. 14 at the Central Library in downtown Minneapolis. Elected and community leaders from the Twin Cities along with Census officials will be on hand to emphasize the importance of the 2010 Census.

2010 Census Kick-off
10 a.m., Thursday, Jan. 14
Pohlad Hall, Minneapolis Central Library
300 Nicollet Mall

The stakes are great for Minneapolis and Minnesota. An accurate count of Minneapolis in the 2010 census is vitally important to the City's future. Census data determines how nearly $300 billion is annually distributed for 170 Federal programs and the need for additional social services, including community development block grants and other grant programs essential to many communities. It is estimated that for every 100 people who are not counted, $1 million is lost to the people of Minneapolis over the next decade. What’s more the census count is used to distribute Congressional seats to states and Minnesota is on the cusp of losing one of those seats.

Census Day is April 1, 2010, the official day of the population count. Households should complete and mail back their responses upon receipt. Census workers will visit households that do not return their forms to take a count in person.

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Published Jan 6, 2010