City preparing for possible winter storm

With a significant amount of snowfall and severe winter weather forecast for the metro area beginning Wednesday Dec. 23, the City of Minneapolis wants to remind folks to be prepared for severe winter driving conditions. Plan ahead and if conditions worsen, limit driving to essential trips only and stay alert for Snow Emergency information over the holiday weekend. Residents are asked to advise guests of parking regulations when necessary, and have a plan to have their car moved if they are out of town and leave it on the street. Residents and people traveling into and around Minneapolis should also be mindful of City snowplows that will be out plowing and treating the streets to keep them drivable.

When a Snow Emergency is declared in Minneapolis, parking restrictions take effect so crews can plow more than 1,000 miles of streets from curb to curb. That’s the equivalent of 3,200 "lane miles" of streets that need to be plowed—enough to plow a lane from Minneapolis to Anchorage, Alaska. Snow Emergencies are typically declared after significant snowfall and before 6 p.m. on any given day. Once declared, the Snow Emergency parking restrictions begin at 9 p.m.

Spreading the word about Snow Emergencies

The City of Minneapolis uses a number of ways to help folks learn about and follow the Snow Emergency parking rules.

New this year, the City of Minneapolis is asking folks on Facebook to use their profiles to help alert their friends to a Snow Emergency. We’re asking them to find out what type of Snow Emergency person they are and come up with an image that reflects that. When a Snow Emergency is in effect, we want them to swap out their regular profile picture to that special Snow Emergency image. The City is also asking people to change their status updates to indicate that a Snow Emergency has been declared. That way, their friends and families will also be alerted that a Snow Emergency is in effect so they can and avoid parking in the way of the snow plows.

Tools to help during a Snow Emergency

Last updated Apr 3, 2012