Minneapolis tap water among the nation’s best

A Washington, D.C.-based environmental advocacy organization has rated Minneapolis tap water among the best in the nation for quality and safety.

According to a study by the Environmental Working Group, Minneapolis tap water ranked 10th among U.S. drinking water systems in cities with populations of 250,000 and higher. The study examined millions of tap water quality tests done in 100 different cities throughout the country since 2004.

Minneapolis delivers safe, clean tap water that meets or exceeds federal and state guidelines for drinking water safety. On average, 500 tests a day are performed on our tap water to maintain this high level of quality. The City’s Water Works division softens and treats an average of 57 millions gallons of water a day before sending it to customers. Along with Minneapolis residents, our tap water goes to seven suburbs and the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport.

For more information on Minneapolis tap water, go to Water Department website.

Published Dec 15, 2009