City Council approves 2010 budget

The City Council approved its 2010 City budget Dec. 7, 2009. The approved budget maintains the City's commitment to economic recovery and public safety, while reducing spending by over $100 million and providing property-tax relief.

Although Minneapolis has faced significant cuts from the state of Minnesota, City officials have approved a budget that maintains funding for key initiatives that help to develop and grow small businesses and local jobs. The budget also maintains the City's commitment to public safety, with minimal layoffs in police, fire and emergency preparedness. The City is aggressively pursuing flexibility in the use of federal stimulus dollars to maintain staffing levels in the Minneapolis Police Department.

The Mayor and City Council were also able to use a recent court victory in a pension lawsuit to provide $10 million in property tax relief, which reduces the average tax increase for a Minneapolis homeowner from 6.6% to 2.1%.

Minneapolis 2010 Budget will be posted on the City's website in January 2010. When it is posted you can find it at the Finance Department website.

Published Dec 8, 2009